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My name is Viscosity Fermentia Stumblebell, and I am the Bubble Fairy, Welcome to my realm!

Bubbles capture the imagination of people of all ages. I believe bubbles to be the closest thing to real magic that exists. The most magical thing on earth... and even though we put the materials of making a bubble into action, it was the Creator who put the laws into play that govern the mysteries of bubbleology. Even the Earth and the Planets look like bubbles. In a way our solar system is a moving bubble. Bubbles within bubbles.
I have spent close to a decade learning about and studying bubbles. How else would a Bubble Fairy spend her time?
Bubbles have been a fascination of mine since childhood. However recently I have been drawn to look at them in a new way. As vessels of love & joy. A way to bridge the gap between people.
The Bubble Fairy loves to spread love & joy and connect with those of the humankind!
Bubbles are something that cannot be described in a single word or even a single sentence. It's something that captures the imagination and goes to the very soul. I see bubbles as the purest form of happiness. I find it impossible to worry, or fret when in the presence of bubbles. They are here, they change us and then they are gone. **POP**
On the following pages you will find information that I have been compiling and am still compiling. I did not get this information alone. I thank all those who contributed to the information I am about to share with you. I am always looking for new information about bubbles. This is not the end all, be all for bubble information by far!
There are others who have been doing this a much longer than I have. My goal here is to be a starting place for the new bubble lovers & discoverers. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions or comments, just drop a line!
Did you know that if you hold your breath, you become a human bubble?
Blessings & Bubbles!!
Viscosity -The Bubble Fairy

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