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Festival Setting Show:

This show was created to fit into the Renaissance Faire / Fantasy Festival type of setting.

Introduction: Viscosity - The Bubble Fairy is a bubble artist, who... without saying a word, creates a visually magical experience for the young and young at heart, with a strolling interactive creation of magical bubbles ranging from very small all the way up to Giant bubbles that float and bounce through the air.If you meet her, she may give you a bubble you can take home with you.

This act is for all ages; however, adults may find themselves magically transported to a younger more playful time. Only natural handmade wands are used.

Please note: This show is affected by weather. However, Viscosity will do her best to bubble in all weather conditions!!

Discription: This is a strolling act. The Bubble Fairy pulls a small wooden cart, which contains her entire show, through the shire, silently engaging people, especially children, as she meanders through the streets. Between the Bells on her cart and the shout of delight from the children, you can hear her moving through the shire. Each encounter is unique, and magic happens spontaneously. 2-3 times a day she will seek out a clearing where activities do not interfere with other acts or vendors. This is when children will appear from all over to play and pop the bubbles she creates. She has a knack for bring magic to the quieter corners of the shire.

This show has been performed at: Northern California Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruita - Hollister, CA - 2004, 2005, 2006.

Pembrooke Renaissance Faire - Carson City, NV -2005

Fair Oaks Tudor Faire - Fair Oaks, CA - 2006, 2010

Golden Gate Renaissance Festival - San Francisco, CA - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Valhalla Renaissance Faire - Lake Tahoe, CA - 2008, 2009, 2010

Just to name a few...

The two best compliments she ever received was... "This is the best thing I've seen at Faire!" & "Two sticks and a string, now that is what Ren-faire is all about."

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I am thankful to be of use in bringing magic to Faire.

Note: This show is strictly an OUTDOOR activity, some tricks may or maynot be performed, depending upon weather, (Extreme Wind, Rain or Extreme Heat). Every show is different depending upon the weather.