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As I get used to the idea that July is upon us and moving right along. I have to keep myself grounded in the fact that I will not be able to come out and play until next season. Although I do have many plans in the works.

Many of you know I have returned to massage school. As much as I am enjoying school, I do look forward to graduation in Sept.  I am looking forward to moving back to Clearlake when it's all said and done. I miss that funky little town.

I would like to share some of my future plans with you in hopes that you can catch the positive flow of it and help it all come to fruition. One event I would like to see happen is a National Bubble Blowing Day hosted in Clearlake. I think it would be a great yearly draw to Clearlake. May 6th is the date yearly, but I can see it becoming popular and people looking forward to it every year.

In Clearlake, my intention is to open a studio and store, which will become the hub for all other activities. For more information about my Massage Business, you can go to You can read my blog on that page and find out what events are coming up. This business will encompass several others, one of them being I have a goal to use bubbles as a meditation tool and to teach bubble workshops for people to come and learn not only about bubbles but about the effect that bubbles have on mood.

The other big project I have in the works is my Faerie Labyrinth project. The universe has blessed me to be the keeper of several new labyrinth patterns. I am excited to be working on a book about this very subject and I am also working on several portable labyrinths including a wedding labyrinth pattern that has the bride and groom walking separate paths yet ending up as two paths into one. You can get more information on this subject on my newest site,

But before I can make any of this happen, I have to be free to make the northern migration. It will be a short wait in comparison to how long I have been required to wait. However, I feel that once I get past this next few months, that things will be opening up for me in ways that they never have before. Not just in business, but life in general. As these projects come together  I start realizing that my business is starting to merge with my life in a way that what I do is truly who I am. Like I have heard before. Find work that you love and never work a day in your life. I strive for that!

So wish me luck on my new journeys and please check out my other websites and leave comments in the comment boxes. It helps to get the word out there.

I love you all and I look forward to the future!

Blessings and Bubbles,

Little Karma Goodvibes - The Bubble Fairy



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