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Updated Website

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to updating the website. I know it's not as colorful as the old one, but it has a lot of great features and tools, as well as being easier to edit for the Webmaster, oh that would be me.

I thank your for visiting my site regularly. One of the new features I like the best is how interactive I can make it. I have a new posting tool call "What people are saying..." as in, What people are saying about The Bubble Fairy. I hope you will make a personal comment about me if you have seen me perform in person especially!

I am working on getting back in the saddle in 2015. However, my new mantra is... I am not promising anything to anyone at this time. That's just how it is when life tries to eat you alive and you come out the other side a little bruised and bleeding. Bur I am still alive and getting ready to move into my next phase of The Bubble Fairy.

I know a lot of you have asked where  I went, what happened to me and so on. I would prefer not to bore you with the drama of my personal life. Just know that it was you and your being out there thinking of me from time to time that has gotten me through my dark night.

Also, I expect to have bubble wands and bubble powder back up on the site by Christmas. Keep in mind I am rebuilding my entire life as well as 3 websites.

I thank you and I look forward to seeing you all!

Blessings & Bubbles to you all!

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